Sunday, 13 May 2012

Parting is always sad.......... Mannequins for sale.

Sunny day, and what am I doing, logging items on Ebay. Well they are very important items. My lovely mannequins have had their 15 minutes of fame in an exhibition so now they have to go to new homes.

Audace De La Mode - a french theme, using French Fashion magazines from 1870-1890. This mannequin is a vintage Edwardian one., with the original stand too.

La Chatelaine, named because she has lots of silver dangles decorating her waistline. English Victorian newspapers and magazines, adverts and pictures. The ink well on the top opens up.

The mannequins were really glad to get out into the sunshine and pose in the garden among the Forget-me-Nots.

Look up Little Princess - celebrating the life of Queen Victoria. The newspaper that provided the majority of the decoration was from the week that Queen Victoria died, so its very authentic. This mannequin comes with a magnifying glass so you can look at everything in detail. It also has a heart shaped box on the base where you can store tiny precious things.

Stars of the Tea Dance - this one uses sheet music from the 1920's to 1940's. The main front image is from the tango Jealousy, which was a big hit for the wonderful Billy Fury in the early 1960's. Although the music was originally written in 1926 and the words added in 1940 something. There is some wonderful artwork on this one from the front pictures of the sheet music. It also has a mad hatter tea cup, which has 24 carat gold decoration.

I've loved making these and also enjoyed seeing them at the exhibition. I will miss them .


  1. They look Delightful in the Garden Joan - Great Work and Photos too x


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