Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cat In Angel's Garden - Mosaic

Well I've finished snipping and fiddling with the design. So now I just have the grouting to do.

I have red glass beads to go in the centre of the heart.
This is the first mosaic that I have done using china and other items. It is really challenging cutting up china as it can be brittle and shatter in the wrong place. Also its not always the same thickness. But I'm quite pleased with this and I know who its going to go to.


  1. Dear Joan is there no end to your lovely work. I love the angel, How creative you are......xx

  2. So when did you have time to do all that then !!!! x

  3. Thank you Linda!

    lol Cherry when I walk the dog on the return journey I go past my storage barn. So every day its not freezing I stop and do 1/2 hour on this. Then Molly can have fun running round the farm. We then walk home and have a cuppa. X J


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