Thursday, 31 May 2012

Etsy Feature

Oh my new work - those 6x6 boxes and the Fragments of life box are getting lots of interest.

I got featured on a Treasury List   L@@K <<<< click on L@@K

Because someone likes your item and picks it for a list it gets lots more visitors. On Etsy its all about getting your items noticed. Hopefully sales soon.

Soon will blog about the auction buys! Three car loads and two trailers full of items. Including a hand operated singer sewing machine with all its tools and the oil can! Standing room only at my house........... soon be starring in one of those hoarder programs we have on the TV ;-p

Monday, 28 May 2012

Etsy Shop up and Trading Again

Lots of goodies on my Etsy Shop, if only I can get the link to work :-) Some of my 6 x 6 boxes are for sale.

To see more click Here

Very hot here Molly is panting, silly girl keeps going and sitting in the hot sun. We are arguing over sun bathing limits.

Been to the auction in Colchester today, put 20 men's suits in to sell. The last of the 60 I bought. I hope they make a good price.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Not much art..................

Oh sad I have no time for my art. Ebay has taken over, my home is full of boxes. Molly is sharing the settee with three banana boxes full of china. She's such a good girl.

Ebay is nearly full up with my things. So today I have got some of my art onto

I got a recommendation to try Cotswold Mounts here my first order arrived and the mounts are such good quality. Much better than the three shops I have tried locally. So on line mount orders for me from now on. Postage is a bit dear at £7.00 but the courier driver was nice and friendly.

I have a new follower on Twitter randel Plowman he's a collage artist, I follow him on blogger as A Collage a Day. He has a new book due out in the UK in October.

These are for sale on my Ebay 

Very old c1840 Gaudy Welsh Jug, sadly chipped, cracked and crazed, but I hope someone will love it.

Cake stand or tazza by Charles Meigh again very old 1820 - 1840. Hope someone buys this and uses it for weddings or tea parties.

And a large amount of Quilling items a complete set up. Hopefully this link works Ebay

Ants have attempted a squat in the kitchen, defeated with CIF Anti-Bacterial spray. Its got a strong pong, spray loads on the ants spray where they are coming in. Result ants dead in seconds and no returns. Mind you Molly and I exited stage left pretty quick before we keeled over from the fumes.

I have sun burnt toes, forgot to cover them in sun screen at boot fair yesterday ;-p

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lithographic Crayons

Found these in with the craft items.

Well much to my surprise they seem to be a rare item. Not many made now and those that were made are used up and then the pack is thrown out. So hey presto am excellent recipe for a rare item.

Top set - firm still producing today and still in the same premises.
Koh-I-Noor factory still in production, but not this item.
Mixed lot, no idea!!

Going on ebay tonight will be fun to see what happens. Damp squib or yippee money towards new car??

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mixed Bag of Craft Items On Ebay

Lots and lots and lots of craft items going on ebay. If anyone knows an easy widget to link this site to ebay please let me know. All I have tried don't work!

 You can stamp to your hearts content.
 A little pressing matter for those who do not iron.
 Any one all cut up?
 I'll be stuck on you.
 X Press your self here.
 I'm dying to meet you.
 Zillions of tiny flower pots. Maybe Mannequin Nipples??
 It's a you what kit.
Mini storage tower, it pulls out and twirls.

We'll try this link and see if it works here  Let me know if not, ta very much.

This is just a small selection, 27 items went on today ;-)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Inks, Inks & More Inks

Today we have a lot of bottles of ink - soon to be listed on ebay unless some one squeaks up - quick.

 Odd bottles
 3 x Black, nice selection of blues and greens.
 Orange, lemon, yellow, brown, lots of red, purple and gold.

Nearly every colour W&N do.
Comes with a free dip pen and some nibs, ha which do not seem to fit the pen!

One small part of the huge craft lot I have cleared from a house.

I am now glued to the pc doing ebay.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lot 2 collected from the auction today.

Large wicker basket

 Huge paper mache ali baba style pot

 Victorian or Edwardian Mahogany and pine commode. The pot is a small bucket, with a metal handle and decorated lid.
 Art deco 1930's dressing table, original handles and mirror.

Childs wicker chair

Underwood Universal typewriter, with cleaning brush and some carbons. Its in nearly full working order, the space bar sticks occasionally as you can see from the sample.

Lloyd Loom Linen Basket, in VGC, just needs a wash.

There's also a huge faux leather mirror, that needs a clean before I show you that. 

Let me know if anything takes your fancy.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cat In Angel's Garden - Mosaic

Well I've finished snipping and fiddling with the design. So now I just have the grouting to do.

I have red glass beads to go in the centre of the heart.
This is the first mosaic that I have done using china and other items. It is really challenging cutting up china as it can be brittle and shatter in the wrong place. Also its not always the same thickness. But I'm quite pleased with this and I know who its going to go to.

Auction with Cherry

Today was very busy, I went to a new auction. Cherry came and viewed it with me and as she had to go off and be busy with her Floriama Exhibition, she trusted me to bid on her lots for her. I expect she will blog about them later.

Trunksbottom one has a fab copper lining, Lloyd Loom Linen box, Little cupboard. The cupboard is so sweet, its been made up from old items of furniture. The back and door are walnut panels, the sides are pine, with a faux walnut finish, the base is a molding from the walnut item and the top and base are stained pine. It makes you think that some person must have thought this up so they had a cupboard.

Nice nest of mahogany leather topped tables and a real Christmas Tree holder.

Now I did not intend to buy all this cupboard full, but the auctioneer lumped it in with the next lot, which I did want! So I am now the proud owner of a lot of kitchenalia, china, glass and two potties!!! Still it will all sell at the next boot fair. Bottom shelf is an old Underwood Typewriter and the stoneware potty from a commode.

A mixed family of shoes, 2nd left brand new Doc Martens, two ankle breakers and a pair of size 7 ladies boots.

I have to go back again tomorrow for the next car load and we filled Cherry's car up too. It was a good auction.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Parting is always sad.......... Mannequins for sale.

Sunny day, and what am I doing, logging items on Ebay. Well they are very important items. My lovely mannequins have had their 15 minutes of fame in an exhibition so now they have to go to new homes.

Audace De La Mode - a french theme, using French Fashion magazines from 1870-1890. This mannequin is a vintage Edwardian one., with the original stand too.

La Chatelaine, named because she has lots of silver dangles decorating her waistline. English Victorian newspapers and magazines, adverts and pictures. The ink well on the top opens up.

The mannequins were really glad to get out into the sunshine and pose in the garden among the Forget-me-Nots.

Look up Little Princess - celebrating the life of Queen Victoria. The newspaper that provided the majority of the decoration was from the week that Queen Victoria died, so its very authentic. This mannequin comes with a magnifying glass so you can look at everything in detail. It also has a heart shaped box on the base where you can store tiny precious things.

Stars of the Tea Dance - this one uses sheet music from the 1920's to 1940's. The main front image is from the tango Jealousy, which was a big hit for the wonderful Billy Fury in the early 1960's. Although the music was originally written in 1926 and the words added in 1940 something. There is some wonderful artwork on this one from the front pictures of the sheet music. It also has a mad hatter tea cup, which has 24 carat gold decoration.

I've loved making these and also enjoyed seeing them at the exhibition. I will miss them .

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Flying the Flag

Treated myself to a magazine yesterday after a very fruitless day at the auctions. I needed cheering up. Its called Homemade or similar, anyway it had freebies, always a winner. Some papers, ribbons, buttons and other embelishements. This is what I made.

Its called Flying the Flag as it's got a Union Jack colour theme. Every one else is on Royals so I can resist no longer.

I have rediscovered a science book with lots of graphs in it. The birds are going to use these and have been in Flying School, practicing, Take off, Altitude and so on. More later when I get them sewn.

The veg plot has now got ponds where I have been digging a deep bed for the runner beans, ugh. It's just like digging blancmange. More potting on as it rained me off the veg plot again this afternoon. Dahlias, Chinese Forget me nots, two unknowns, blooping labels have faded, phlox, proper parsley, tuberous begonias. Then it got a bit cold so I went in and cooked mutton chops for tea.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Fly-ers

Miracle I've managed to cut the lawns, yesterday and today have dug a very soggy piece of Runner Bean Plot. Then potted on leeks, celeriac, winter squash, outdoor cues and some flowers. Then it rained again.

So I'm inside on the sewing machine making some little fliers. They have been visiting gardens so we have aerial views today.

 It's cold so I think I have to put the heating on again...... come on summer wake up!!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mad Birds are Back

Needed a rest from dragonflies so I'm back in Mad Bird territory.

Bird on Song 1

Index page and music from an old book on "Form in Music". Modern papers, machines embroidery, printed Chinese Proverb and one vintage buttons.

Bird on Poetry 1

Modern papers, machines embroidery, printed Chinese Proverb and  sequins. Oh yeah and his worm!!

All these are small 8 x 6 with mount they will fit a 10x8 or 10 x 12 frame if you want a thicker mount.

Getting stock ready for the Mount Bures Flower Festival 23rd & 24th June.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Back to the Bluebell Wood

Well its really a small grove of trees on the edge of a field, but just so much in a small part of this glorious earth.

The bluebells are at their best now, this path is made by badgers.

The floods have gone down now, this stream was a raging torrent on Thursday.

The damp has made the fungi grow.

A rotting metal water trough.

A lovely English Bluebell.

"Does my nose look big in this?"  Molly poked her nose in just as I took this shot lol.

Well that was a lovely relaxing hour out in the fresh air.