Friday, 15 June 2012

Message from America

My lovely customer in USA has emailed to say that she got her two items. They got there quickly.

So are now hanging in her sewing room.

It's been a busy week of taking pictures and writing blurb for Ebay ads. I had some helpers.

 Taking pictures of Pompii and Blue Ted has proved difficult because.....................

 Madam Molly kept coming and sitting right in the way!

Now she's fallen asleep sitting up, such hard work getting in the way!!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Pretty China V Pyrex Glass

Still on the vintage/retro kitchen. Really nice pretty china and loads of pyrex clear glass plates, glass jelly moulds, Amber and Ice Blue Bagley Glass 1930's Fruit Desert Sets, and so on. Spent all yesterday in the garden and got a bad reaction to CLEAVERS, arms red and swollen, itchy arrgh. Better today.

Peacehaven by Roslyn China I have 4 trios and sugar and milk jug.

Five pretty 1940's plates part of a sandwich set.

 Colclough 1940's sugar and Milk.

Imperial china 4 person coffee set.

Will try and put some glass pictures up tomorrow.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Vintage Kitchen Goodies

 It cooking time here on my Etsy Shop nice and cheap too.
Have a look ETSY here

  For cooking in

Beating and stirring thingys, honey twizzle stick, waffle iron.

Oh this could be a beater too! Remember Mrs Andy Capp, she had one of these and used it I think.

Mackintosh's Quality Street tin to keep the tarts in.


This has been keeping my feet toasty warm. Filled with hot water, put on floor and feet up on top. Ah Just right. I'm not selling this!!!!

Went to view an auction today, some nice garden things outside and bits of furniture inside. Will be running back and forth like a headless chicken, fueled by a big fat bacon butty.

Welcome to my two new members, hope you enjoy being here. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Soon to be for Sale on Ebay

A sweet wee daschund on Ebay  HERE

and going on soon are:-

1970's Schreiber Smoked Glass Coffee Table

Is this a piano stool or a coffee table with storage?

That nice mirror I "did up"

Chad Valley Bagatelle, complete with balls and cue stick.

Mrs Mopps Bucket

Galvanized Tin Bath - ideal planter.

Matching LLoyd Loom Tub Chair and Corner Linen Basket. 

Old wood and metal trunk

Now this one is really interesting. Its made by S W Silver & Co I think it is a campaign trunk. This company owned so much of one area and employed so many in that area of London East End, that it became Silvertown. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Etsy Sales - x2

Yes sleep is wonderful, woke up this AM. Onto computer to check my selling  on ebay & etsy. Ebay Hmmmmm OK but Etsy YAY! 2 sales and to one customer.

 Both going to the USA. 
Now the hard part packing and keeping this under 2KG.
Have a good Jubilee Weekend  with your friends.