Monday, 28 May 2012

Etsy Shop up and Trading Again

Lots of goodies on my Etsy Shop, if only I can get the link to work :-) Some of my 6 x 6 boxes are for sale.

To see more click Here

Very hot here Molly is panting, silly girl keeps going and sitting in the hot sun. We are arguing over sun bathing limits.

Been to the auction in Colchester today, put 20 men's suits in to sell. The last of the 60 I bought. I hope they make a good price.


  1. hi - thanks for stopping by my blog (via pam mcknight) don't know if you read her latest blog, but she came by for a visit a couple of days ago, and what fun we had . . . pretty kool for 2 people who had only met via blog-land . . . anyway we had a blast.

    i am on my way over to your etsy shop to see more of your work. . . .

    1. Hi Rebeca Yes I read about your visit!! I too have made a couple of real good friends from my art on line. Yes we too visit each other and my home buddies thought I was NUTS going to London to meet a person I had only chatted to on line. More things we have in common :-) Joan

  2. Joan....I went to Slackspace today to leave the money for the flower press....forgetting that they are only open from Wednesday!
    I shall be in town tomorrow, but not untill about 3.30pm as I shall be in the studio untill about 2.45 so that will most likely be too late for you by the time I get to town :(
    Can I post it on to you....I would need an address. I would have phoned you this eve but dont seem to have your number...if you want to text your addy to me, I am at 078578 53795 x

  3. Glad to see that your up and firing on all guns.. Etsy here she comes... Fingers crossed for lots of sales.. x

    Many thanks for my birthday present, I love it so much. Thank you also for the lovely day out on Tuesday, had a blast.. Great news about the sinks..xx Thrilled.

    Love and hugs ~ Julie.x

  4. Joan, can't find the link to your etsy shop?

    1. Under last picture, Just put pointer onto the word here and click that is a link to Etsy.

      Yes we had a great time. I have been picked up sinks and car and trailer full now unloading then got to go back to pick up more!!! X J


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