Monday, 22 August 2011

A New Book has Arrived!!!

Today we had much excitement, there was post. AND it was a strange envelope, with a bulky look to it.

Molly and I rushed indoors to open it, hooray it was my prize book from Julie!!! Its lovely, made really well. I think Julie has waxed the pages.

The bear, Flip, Flap and Flop got all excited as the new book is to be displayed on their shelf. That is above the computer. It's where I seem to spend most of my time, listing things to sell on Ebay.

Here they are, Filp, Flap and Flop, posing with the book.

And they have been looking at a book I got from Cherry too.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Yeah I now have eight on here and 10 on Twitter + 32 in my circle on Etsy. Now if all of you would join all of them, whever they follow me I would have a lot more followers every where!!!

At coffee morning I took in a lot of Picture Post magazines from 1938. Oh they were all in their element looking at the adverts and articles. Lots of " Do you rememeber those" "My Mother used to use that". So glad I bothered. These are all for sale on my Etsy site. Super to chop up and use for scrapbook, collage, funny cards, altered art and so on.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thursday Ardleigh Boot Sale

Well my head was not full of good directions today. Wrong exit on the roundabout meant a 7 mile detour, doh what am I like!

Anyway it was worth it, only one decent stall and I bought.....................................

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Souvenir tiny miniature Book only 1 x 1 inch!!!

Dance Card Note Book Victorian with original pencil.

Match case or Vesta with a striker on the base. Sadly not silver but silver plate.

That was a very good haul, we got wet too. Last three items will be on Ebay tonight. All that rusty stuff is going in my stash. 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

East Mersea Fete

Popped down to East Mersea Fete, invited by an ebay customer!

It was great fun and I bumped into an old mate from school.

Walked along to the marina at West Mersea, took some pictures. Tried yes I really did to get a picture of Molly enjoying herself but no, she just hates having her picture taken!!! Here she is looking left and darn miserable.

Now looking right still darn miserable!!

I had several people behind me, they were all giggling at me trying to get her to cheer up!!
it was very dull and just starting to rain so none of the pictures I took were much good, too flat, no shadows. But we enjoyed ourselves and Molly cheered up when a child in front of us dropped his doughnut. Yep she ate it before kid could pick it up. OOPS!!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Now starring on Red Bubble

It was wet and miserable last Thursday, so my teddies and I had lots of fun playing with toys and posing for pictures.

If you like these they are now on Red Bubble and greetings cards are just £1.26 each. Lots more images to go on, the teddies got my vintage games out, they are just too cute!

Here's the link

Monday, 1 August 2011

London 2012 Games - New Assemblage

This week I have been working on a model to celebrate the London 2012 Games. It weird its wonderful, its quirky and if you go to my Etsy shop you will find more pictures and a full and detailed description.