Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Fly-ers

Miracle I've managed to cut the lawns, yesterday and today have dug a very soggy piece of Runner Bean Plot. Then potted on leeks, celeriac, winter squash, outdoor cues and some flowers. Then it rained again.

So I'm inside on the sewing machine making some little fliers. They have been visiting gardens so we have aerial views today.

 It's cold so I think I have to put the heating on again...... come on summer wake up!!!


  1. Looks like i had better get my skates on in the garden or else you will be miles ahead of me with the planting.
    Those birds are just delightful and cleverly done......xx

  2. Oh ha ha most one side is under water, my ditch is blocked!!! I'm trying to ignore that.

    So glad u like my Mad Birds x J

  3. cute birds! yesterday we had the heat on and today it is nice and warm and sunny. that's spring for you! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  4. So Busy - putting me to shame xx

    1. Lol shall I tell all that I am not doing.............. looking after Hubby, working in charity shop, keeping house clean? You do all that and art!! xxJ


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