Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rose - Happy Scrappy Doll No.2

Rose is finished. Been a bit of a struggle as I have been very busy with lots of friends dropping in for chats or Tea, biscuits, a cuddle with Molly and lessons on making ladder yarn necklaces and napkin folding. So I've slacked a bit on the doll production.

She's very proud to model her nice new clothes.


 A smart check duffle coat with a real toggle and loop fastening and two patch pockets.

Here she is without her coat, so you can see her lace blouse, apron and skirt made with Rose & Hubble fabric - hence the name Rose!

A close up of her dear little face. Her hair is tasseled upholstery or cushion fringe. She also has a smart "gold" metal bow.

Now some pictures of the back and her knickerbockers. 

All the fabrics are vintage or repurposed, having been donated by friends, or left over from other projects. Some are purchased at auction where they have come from house clearances, some from charity shops and some from Ebay. The Ebay buys are always from those nice people who are clearing out their stash of horded goodies.

Also today I have been helping make machine knitted bobble hats for the Footsteps Mum & Toddler group. It's been a bit of a rush. we started weeks ago but these things always end up being a last minute nightmare. Hopefully we will have them all (26) finished by Tuesday.

Rose is going to visit the Hub in Chelmsford tomorrow and then will be my first doll for sale at The Chelmsford Community Pop-up Shop.

Bluebell is in a Pigeon Hole at Slack Space. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Peg Doll Angles Invade Slack Space

Tonight we had a class on making Peg Doll Angels. It was great fun and lots of Angles were made. It always amazes me how every one comes up with so many different ideas. Here they all are working away creating..

Molly curled up on my coat next to the heater. Very wise dog.

Now for the Angels Picture Parade.
An Angel made from a wool jumper that was partly unraveled.

 This one has a tiny wand & star.

 A Wedding Angel waiting for her wings.

 Ballroom dancer audition for Strictly next!

These wings are so delicate, just like gossamer.

One giant angel made with the florists foam blocks. Shes going to star on a family Christmas Tree.

Two lovely doily creations

 Twin sisters.

 This one looks like a Charleston girl to me.

Ballerina Angels.

I hope you agree I had a talented lot of Angel makers.

We had mince pies and Tea as its the last meeting before Christmas.

Next time we are going to make decorated boxes or picture frames.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Little Treasures, Ready for Stuffin' & Clothes

Here are my friends naked and awaiting clothes. They've snuggled up in the cream and white doilies and lace box.

One of them is made from old curtain lining and the other two are damask or linen table napkins. Those lucky two have tablecloth boots with embroidered flowers on.

Some less finished cousins, legs 1/2 stuffed or flat and saggy.

She's finished stuffing them  yesterday. So now some fab scrappy costumes are being made. And she's had some great ideas for hair.

So now I'm sitting on the Little Treasures shelf  which is really an untidy bookcase where she dumps things that she loves.

Must run now as I can hear her coming. Lots of Love 

Bluebell xxx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Say Hello to Bluebell - !st Happy Scrappy Doll

Sewing machine got so hot this week I've had to oil it!!! Been very busy designing a new range of rag dolls. Based on a Prairie Doll pattern found in the Wild West of America. 

This is Bluebell

All the Happy Scrappy Dolls will have their unique number embroidered on their left foot or right as in this case doh I am tired!

All Happy Scrappy Dolls will be made from Antique, Vintage, Retro and sometimes modern materials. But all the materials will be sourced from 2nd hand sources not High Street Stores. They are made from scraps of other peoples lives really.

Bluebell is wearing a blue print skirt in fabric from my friend Julie. 

 Doilies for the hair, apron, shawl and knickers came from Lynn who sells lace, linen and jewelry in Chelmsford market. Knickers below with a blue ribbon, which matches the hair ribbon and shawl trim.

The blouse fabric came from a huge buy I made at the Helen Rollason Charity Shop in Braintree. I came out with a black bin liner and a large carrier bag full of fabric and sewing stuff.

The blue lace and daisies came from a charity shop buy, a bag of lace and ribbons & trims.

A few things for me to work on, thumb needs to be a bit bolder. Sew more evenly round feet, draw head shape on as its very hard to get a symmetrical shape when you are machining. Same applies to feet and hands.

Haven't made up my mind about faces yet. Oh and I wash all materials before use and yes iron too.

Hope you like her, more to come.

Made a huge buy of vintage linen, lace, lovely check and stripe table cloths, doilies, a wonderful silk embroidered peacock and a large petit point embroidery. 3 banana boxes overflowing. Been washing and ironing all day. So now I have lots of wonderful material for my cushions and Happy Scrappy Dolls. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Vintage Inspired Cushions at the Chelmsford Community Pop-up Shop

 Well its really great that I have been allowed to put up a table and some shelves at the pop-up shop.

 It makes a lovely display for my vintage finds, the cushions and Cherry Ann Hall's Art Dolls.

 The cream shelves were bought at an auction £10 + hammer % really a good bargain as there are two sets.
They fold up so are really easy to transport.

 I've sold some china, cushions and bits and bobs. Oh and another mannequin. Only one left now, just hanging on to it for a while as it is my favourite.

 A vintage fold up wooden chair, with two different cushions made from the embroidered bits of one tablecloth. Top cushion is a corner embroidery and the bottom one is the central motif with some doilies.

Here's a wider view of the upstairs area at the pop-up shop. All the vintage clothing, art and shoes are for sale as well. Lots of super ideas for really different Christmas gifts. Oh and they now have a Cafe Corner, you just have to try the lemon drizzle cake it is fab.

This week I am working with 1950's Sandersons floral linen fabric, it's super, and that has been teamed with Lindsay Tartan. Also using a modern screen print on a taffeta fabric and high end designer woven fabric which  have both been sewn with a fab over the top tasseled braid. The braid retails at £16.99 a metre but thanks to my eagle eyes I bought a whole 25 metres for less than this. Pictures of these next week.

Hopefully this month I will be helping run another evening course at Slack Space, Vintage Peg Doll Fairies. Its free so come on over and have some fun making.