Thursday, 31 May 2012

Etsy Feature

Oh my new work - those 6x6 boxes and the Fragments of life box are getting lots of interest.

I got featured on a Treasury List   L@@K <<<< click on L@@K

Because someone likes your item and picks it for a list it gets lots more visitors. On Etsy its all about getting your items noticed. Hopefully sales soon.

Soon will blog about the auction buys! Three car loads and two trailers full of items. Including a hand operated singer sewing machine with all its tools and the oil can! Standing room only at my house........... soon be starring in one of those hoarder programs we have on the TV ;-p


  1. cool, congrats. and I know about those storage problems, I am sitting here looking at blogs rather than tackling the room that used to be my studio but is so piled high with stuff, I can't get motivated to get in there and sort and clean!I will go look at the treasury list now! :)

  2. ROFL we should swap homes, bet we would not know we had moved!!! I am not able to get into my "ART ROOM". My loaned barn is full of auction buys oh dear Hoarder'R'Us. :-)


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