Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Working on Ideas for the Class in July.

Just one sample so far, I will be working on the theme "Fly"

We will be exploring using hand and machine stitching on fabric and paper.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Alchemy 2 Exhibition & The Pigeon Hole Project

The Pigeon Hole Project 

Visitors came small to larger and those that could see on the top row! (That's my friend Jenny she is quite tall)
Slack Space have this block of pigeon holes, they are a left over from the building former use as a bank. What a brilliant idea to fill them with art. Forty or so artists responded, there's so much talent all enclosed in little boxes.

My pigeon hole contains ??? well if you can guess what is in my pigeon hole, its one of the nine complete ones you can see in the picture above, then there is a little prize for the first correct entry, just leave a note on the comments below. I'll announce the winner two weeks from today. I plan to change the contents as we have the space for several weeks, maybe  as long as six months.

Alchemy 2 Exhibition

 There were a lot of visitors, these are taking a break at the food & drink station. 

Look how interested all the visitors are in the art. Wow they are really giving the exhibits a close look. It was a very high quality exhibition. Wonderful boxes, art installations, an Earth Day Project oh so much to look at and admire. It was so good to meet other artists that suffer from the same hoarding of JUNK as me. I feel quite normal now. You will have to come along to see the art as I don't take images of other artists work.

My mannequins, they look really impressive against the white wall, I also have a decorated box in the exhibition.

Here's the lovely Ellen Devall, she's such a talented artist. Her exhibit was simply breathtaking and must have taken her hours to complete. You can catch her at Cuckoo Farm Studios where she has a unit.

Wonderful evening and many thanks to all at Slack Space, especially Paula MacGregor for all their hard work and encouragement. Oh and thank you friend Jenny for coming along to yet another of my arty exhibits.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Charity Shop Booty

Quick trip to Sudbury today and a peek into the local charity shops.

Buy no1 a complete set of whiskey shot glasses in the original box, almost mint condition, just a few rubs on the box. The glasses come up on Ebay as singles but never seen a box with all six in such good condition.

And next shop a vintage Kelly the Sunshine Doll Pattern Book

 This was a doll that you had to collect tokens from Kellogg's Cereal packets and then send off for. So that really limits its production. This book came with the doll, sadly no doll. It was 79p I just had to buy this. Its probably not worth more than I gave but I just loved it the book is only 2.5 x 5 inches.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Alchemy 2 Exhibition

Today the exhibition at Slack Space opens.

I hope you all can come along. Four mannequins and a decorated box of mine await your inspection. 20 artists in all so lots of other great art for you to check out.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sewing Experiments

For a long time I have been abusing my sewing machine by making it do freestyle embroidery, when its not really built for it. Bit like making me run the marathon - and no that's not going to happen.

So to explain more, my machine can not "drop its feed dogs". Those are the serrated teeth that pull the fabric through at the correct speed to help form the stitch. So I came across an article that expalined you can use a credit card to blank off the feed dogs. So I just happen to have a space credit card, out comes the craft knife. Phew that plastic is hard to cut through. You just stick the card over the feed dogs here's a picture.
You have to remove the presser foot too. Now I'm ready to have some fun.

This is the result, using straight stitch, zig-zag, and some of the embroidery stitches.

Well that went OK, broke the thread a couple of times but needle is still intact. If you want to learn more see below.

Now some news I shall be teaching a class at Slack Space on 19th July 2012 6.30 - 9.30 We will be exploring Sewing with paper fabric and embellishments. Hope some of you can come along!!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Today I have put a lot of time into tidying up the downstairs of the house, washing bedding, polishing and hoovering - friend due round on Thursday and it was a real pigsty here :-)

Working on some more boxes these are baby themed - All original images, old toys or hand made by me.

Female, feline close ups follow.

Male, choo choo train.

Exterior is old knitting patterns, torn up and stuck on. They were really old USA patterns no chance of matching the tensions or getting the yarns either. So I have just kept the pictures for design ideas. Not finished yet, I have to work on several at once or I am waiting for stuff to stick and dry - boring yawn.

Two more hanging on the meat hooks on the curtain rail - I knew I put that curtain rail up for a good reason, it makes an excellent drying line for art! Two have finished drying their icing of Crackle Medium - Golden stuff, not impressed with it, it is crumbly and unstable, much cheaper and better to use powdered filler (spackle).  Here they are.

Then I am working on a mosaic in the barn, can't do that indoors all those chips of china. This is made from cracked or broken china from my Ebay stock. Just a rough lay out using big bits, they will be chopped smaller and I have some fun items to add as well. Its a garden as all the china had flowers on it!

This is my very messy work space, I can not work and be tidy, the ideas just do not come if I am spick and span.

Finally I have just finished the items for my pigeon hole at Slack Space. Two boxes and one frame, tinfoil and junk.

That was a long post - hope you stuck it out to the end!!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Look what came to visit my garden

Its a Greater Bee Fly you can read all about it on the Natural History Museum site here http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/species-of-the-day/biodiversity/loss-of-habitat/bombylius-major/index.html

I was brave and picked it up as it looked pooped. Put it in the greenhouse, shut door and took pictures. Never ever seen one before, I think if it flew past you would mistake it for a bee.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Working on New Pieces for Slack Space & Auction Buy

Well two things happened, Slack Space says I can have a pigeon Hole, so having to get a new work ready. plus I went to auction and bought just the best lot.

Now how are those two connected, well I bought 27  of 6x6 box frames and a large freestanding decorative easel for a song. The boxes alone, bought retail, would have cost £3 - £4 each and the frame about £40, so I am a happy bunny. Now you've got there the boxes are going to be used for the Slack Space piece.

Here's a quick picture of a rough layout of one - I have 27+ further ideas lol.

It's based on a 1959 issue of Stitchcraft and my sewing box. Personal to me is the name tape used for my childrens clothes when at school and the Coggeshall Knitwear label, I used to have a small Knitwear Design business, so I have loads of these labels. The other items are all vintage and bought on my forays to boot and antique fairs.

I just noticed some new followers, welcome newbies and thank you to my faithful band of regulars! I just love to get your comments, I do read them all - best waste of time I know.- and what else am I going to do when I am having a coffee break?