Saturday, 4 October 2014

First Month at the Antique Centre Completed

So I have survived my first month as a fully fledged Painted Furniture and Vintage dealer!

Not made a fortune but if everyone had paid up I would have completely replaced my previous income. So I am pleased that I have achieved that standard.

New stock bought two of these, I thought they were a handy table/magazine/remote storage unit.

Refinished inAnnie Sloan Chalk Paint Old Violet with decoupaged postcard copies and some gold acrylic paint, varnished with Polyvine Dead Flat Matt and Satin varnish mixed.
 Really pleased with this one.

Remember this naughty item with the bad bleed?

 This is it before work really started.

Now looking really fine & dandy.

 A close up so you can see the craquelure. I've made it uneven as I think this looks better, rather than a uniform finish. Another item I am really happy with.

Restocked unit at the antique centre.

The toy cupboard, anything there you used to play?

The mice and bunnies now have high perches to check out my competition!
I have been using the net curtain and spray paint again.

I've been doing some dying using ASCP Henrietta and Dylon China Blue. The sales of vintage linens is very slow, so I thought I would make some vintage bunting in themed colours.
 Now I have to iron them all.

Some really sad news I have had to lose my lovely dog Molly. Here she is just a few months ago playing with Little Molly.

Not a lot of time to prepare myself, she lost the plot mentally and it became unsafe to keep her. Awful decision to have to make, but the Vet, we call him Uncle Robert, has known her since I got her 4 1/2 years ago, agreed I had to make this decision. She was 12 1/2 as near as we can get as she was a rescue.

She went very peacefully and I was there to hold her paw. I've got an Oak seedling to plant in the woods on our favourite walk as a lasting memory of her.