Thursday, 10 May 2012

Flying the Flag

Treated myself to a magazine yesterday after a very fruitless day at the auctions. I needed cheering up. Its called Homemade or similar, anyway it had freebies, always a winner. Some papers, ribbons, buttons and other embelishements. This is what I made.

Its called Flying the Flag as it's got a Union Jack colour theme. Every one else is on Royals so I can resist no longer.

I have rediscovered a science book with lots of graphs in it. The birds are going to use these and have been in Flying School, practicing, Take off, Altitude and so on. More later when I get them sewn.

The veg plot has now got ponds where I have been digging a deep bed for the runner beans, ugh. It's just like digging blancmange. More potting on as it rained me off the veg plot again this afternoon. Dahlias, Chinese Forget me nots, two unknowns, blooping labels have faded, phlox, proper parsley, tuberous begonias. Then it got a bit cold so I went in and cooked mutton chops for tea.


  1. Joan i am just speechless, That bird????????

    1. Hi Linda sorry 2day did not work out. You must come next time. Good news granddaughter got the job. Plus we had a good time. Glad u like my bird!!! X J

  2. Lovely regal bird. Is she called Catherine? ;)

  3. LOL we can have a naming ceremony, but only if it involves champagne!!

  4. LOL, I like a drop of bubbly, so sounds good to me! ;)


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