Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Old Bench Current Obsession

Yesterday Molly and I went on our walk and I remembered to take the camera. Here's a selection of the pictures.

The very interesting flaky and rusty bench.

A hole in the bench allows you to see the grass, just like a tiny window to another world.

I am getting the hang of the new camera. I may have stopped pining for my old one!!!

Molly and the Bench

Close up of Molly

The first saxifrage flower.

A wonderful beech tree, it was once pollarded, but has now been allowed to grow. Its about 70 foot high.

I've just finished reading "That's the Way I See It" by David Hockney. This is worth a read, it's an early book and contains a lot of his thought processes on art. I got a lot out of this book. I hope his ideas may creep into my art. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Slack Space Colchester - Alchemy 2 Exhibition

Yesterday Molly and I took the mannequins to meet Paula MacGregor Here. Slack Space, Victoria Place Colchester. Here Its the first time I have been in the new building, a vast space that used to be a bank. I just loved Paula's work, we got on really well, we both suffer from the same hoarding problems, we did laugh about this, especially as her husband came in just as we were agreeing about stuff storage, He did mention something about three sheds!!!

I am very excited as Paula loved the mannequins and decorated box. So all are to be in the exhibition. I think it runs from 18th April but will update you all on the exact dates AND you will all get invited to the Private View evening.

Went to visit my friend Linda Wilks Here her cat was a wee bit shocked by Molly's appearance.

Linda makes the best Victoria sponge cakes, she gave me a huge slice, home made jam too. Lovely visit.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oh so busy

Well its spring and work goes on every day on the garden - onions and garlic are doing really well. Just planted out the first broad beans, they get started in the greenhouse or the mice eat them all. Disaster on the peas mice got into those in the greenhouse darn things.

Hope to come back with good news I think I am going to be exhibiting at Slack Space in Colchester, Alchemy 2 exhibition. Very excited!!!!!

Wonderful day out on Saturday with Mary Helena we went to the Mall Galleries, the V&A and Imperial War Museum, whew long day but worth it.

Sold, Sold, Sold.

On Ebay Mans Kilt Jacket and waistcoat Vintage with real horn buttons.

At the Pop up shop shadow box model - The Alternative Olympics 2012.

Enquiries from a customer in France - hope she buys!!!

Finally I made some socks for me - how did I fit all that in????

Friday, 2 March 2012

Chelmsford Community Pop-up Art Shop

So excited my mannequins and other art boxes are in the window of a town centre shop!!!!

This is the pop up shop organised through the Chelmsford Mobility Scheme charity. Lots of other lovely art to buy, in a great variety of styles. Looks like its going to be busy as people were coming in the shop even before it was set up properly.

 Bit untidy as they are just setting up.

 Cherry and Andrea tarting up the window.

My Edwardian mannequin and two art boxes.

Lastly here is Cherry organizing every one. Seriously thanks so much Cherry for all your hard work and friendship.