Thursday, 24 May 2012

Not much art..................

Oh sad I have no time for my art. Ebay has taken over, my home is full of boxes. Molly is sharing the settee with three banana boxes full of china. She's such a good girl.

Ebay is nearly full up with my things. So today I have got some of my art onto

I got a recommendation to try Cotswold Mounts here my first order arrived and the mounts are such good quality. Much better than the three shops I have tried locally. So on line mount orders for me from now on. Postage is a bit dear at £7.00 but the courier driver was nice and friendly.

I have a new follower on Twitter randel Plowman he's a collage artist, I follow him on blogger as A Collage a Day. He has a new book due out in the UK in October.

These are for sale on my Ebay 

Very old c1840 Gaudy Welsh Jug, sadly chipped, cracked and crazed, but I hope someone will love it.

Cake stand or tazza by Charles Meigh again very old 1820 - 1840. Hope someone buys this and uses it for weddings or tea parties.

And a large amount of Quilling items a complete set up. Hopefully this link works Ebay

Ants have attempted a squat in the kitchen, defeated with CIF Anti-Bacterial spray. Its got a strong pong, spray loads on the ants spray where they are coming in. Result ants dead in seconds and no returns. Mind you Molly and I exited stage left pretty quick before we keeled over from the fumes.

I have sun burnt toes, forgot to cover them in sun screen at boot fair yesterday ;-p


  1. Oooh, lovely, I'm off to have a look! :)

  2. Yes....ebay can take did that to me before I lost my internet connection for 35 days.
    It was during that frustrating time, that I realised that my artwork was taking a back seat, and that the balance had gone, so I have backed off for a while, and when I get back to it ( this week) I am limiting myself to selling only 5-6 items at a time instead of the 15 a became a now I am a happier ( but poor!!) artist again :) x

    1. My car is dying and I am 2 miles from a bus! xJ

  3. I hope everything sells really well, and that you can either heal or replace your car Joan .
    My ebay blitz was to pay off an overdraft after the death of two pc's and an Imersion Heater....but I really hope I dont have to do so much again.....but....the fence is falling down and the rain comming in two windows :( so maybe x


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