Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Yeah, yippee I got it!! What a bargain, £38.00 including hammer commission and VAT. That is less than you would pay for a blank canvas of this size. I've left the tv in so you can get an idea of just how big this is.

Also today from the 2nd hand shop I got a fridge freezer, mine has gone kaput. That saved me £100 on the new price. This one came from a house clearance and is only 6 months old. Molly came to the auction and the 2nd hand shop. She is such a good dog, sat still through 150 lots at auction. Got patted by lots including some children.

Now I need a tumble dryer, tv and washing machine, all on last legs, and I went to use the strimmer to find that is kaput too! More auctions for me.

Tomorrow its boot fair at Marks Tey, I need some small old dolls for some altered art I want to do.

Monday, 16 August 2010

At Auction today.

I saw this oil painting at an auction viewing day, on Saturday. Today I am going along to see if I can bid and buy it! Its not signed and its big 5ft x 4ft. I hope it keeps under my budget. Oh and I hope I stick to my budget too!!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

This is my first attempt at decorating a box. I've used a technique from Gary Reef on his NING site Lovin Mixed Media. Its for my Granddaughters 15 birthday.

Golden Jewels - wonderful colours.

It's day three of this art works journey. Day one was putting on the texture and letting it dry. Day two was paint the colour, dry time, then bitumen.

Yesterday evening after the jobs on my friends small holding and the workmen had gone. I escaped to the garage and wiped most of the bitumen off. Looking this morning the colours were to washy so I went over agin with same three colours. Boy what a difference!!! Just wait till I get the Golden Tar Gel on top. These are going to really pop out at you.

Any way picture one bottom is the ingredients + Bitumen. The tiny bottles were samples so just enough for these wee 6x6 trio of canvases. Pictures 2-4 (counting upwards) Golden Jewels 1; 2; &3.

I am loving doing these small canvases, I can just have fun and play.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Yet more Art

I think I have Art diarrhoea, much more fun than the real thing.

From the top, I'm stuck on this one. Like colour like texture but its just too much of both. So it will have to sit and I will brew on it a while.

Copper Relics, close up and trio. These are a new thing I am trying using tinfoil, plastic hardware bits, silicone, acrylic paints and mediums, oh and BITUMEN. Gives a great effect, even better in real life. Looks just like aged copper.

Next one was done using hot press (smooth) watercolour paper and acrylic paints. The colours really pop out at you. Its called Summer Storm over the rape Fields.

Nearly there last one, Victory shields, done in the same manner as Copper relics. But used pieces from an old belt and wool yarn for the raised details.

And would you believe it I have more on the go! Seems having an art room and the garage for the messy stuff has got me unstuck on the art ideas.

My brain is full of art!!

So its happening my heating will soon be finished. Lets hope its going to work and keep me warm this winter!!!

Onto art lots going on. Two mini canvas with their own display easels, Summer Charms 1&2. They are very textured, in jewel bright colours. The little charms can be moved so you can play with your art, which is fun. Other bits are sealed under Golden Tar Gel. Great fun to do.

Then we have a canvas of Alphabet Spaghetti, my take on the tinned stuff.

Next is Summer Daisies, a very textured piece, using the seeds and tops from poppy seed pods. Also used butterfly yarn and crochet cotton, heavy texture gel and acrylic paints. All varnished with Uv gloop from Golden. I really like this one and hope to do some more.

I've been so busy with my art nothing else is getting done. I'm also animal sitting for my m8, 18 sheep, 4 chickens and a 17.3 hh Horse. Am a bit tired today, wonder why???