Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Nonsense on the FLY

Slowly building up these sewn collage works on paper. Trying to do one a day.

 Moss Green Fly - modern papers, old book page from Schots Almanac, sewing reel end paper, vintage book page with printed type - done on my printer. Can you guess who the face is?

 She's Read the Dictionary - Modern papers, paper napkin images, vintage book images, vintage printed page again - I like the effect. Do you think the boys believe her?

The What Idea??? - Papers from a mixed pack of 100 handmade - they were on  special, A6 size. Music from an old book, Dragon fly is page from Shots Almanac again and more of the vintage printed paper. Again can you see who the face is? If you are musical you will might what the idea is.

I save all the blank and nearly blank front pages from old books, you just have to tell your printer the paper size and if they are not too thick then they will go through your printer. Make sure the neat edge of the page is on the right. I downloaded a typewriter font - a free one!


  1. Oh Joan! Your work is amazing, but neil and i can't guess who it is in the photo so please put us out of our misery.......xx

    1. LOl no wonder the actual images were really bad in the book even before I stitched on them. 1st is Jamie Oliver and 2nd is Sebastian Coe. Thank you for liking my work!! xx J


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