Monday, 9 May 2011

Art in the Garage

So its onto canvas art and painting again. Dunelm Mill has got 30x40 canvases at £11.99 so I treated myself to one. Just going to see how it hold up and then will go back for more if ok.

Here it is after texture has been put on.

Texture is house paint, normal emulsion matt, with wood glue (lots at least 1/2 500ml bottle) water and pollyfiller. Mix until smooth, I don't mind the odd lump. Then paint on and slosh around as you like.

Other canvases done at the same time and my mannequins. They are waiting for inspiration from me. I have 4 modern and one old one. There are canvases hanging from the rafters too.

Going to auction on Tuesday, there are three lots of art materials...................... boxes and boxes. Plus 67 canvases. Will I spend too much money, probably. Anyone want to come we could go shares on the lots????

Final Rupert pictures - for the moment!

Well after a lot of snipping and sticking I have now come to the end of this series. But only for the moment, my brain just needs a rest from Rupert and Fairy land. These are the last ones.

This last one is a homage to an art site I belong to. At the moment I can't get on ther as its showing a malware infection. And yes I have run all my scans and cleaned my caches. So any LMM members could you be a sweetie and upload for me. Thanks.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Contemporary Art Girls come to visit

Well it was a coldish day but cheered up when cherry and Linda came to visit. we had a great day. talking art, men, life and looking at my garden.

Heres some pictures. Cheery Cherry.

Lovely Linda

And as they really are!!

That was fun playing with you in Corel Paint Shop Pro girls ;-))

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Are these Two Naughty Boys???

Rupert finds a Morse Code machine and sends a message. His friends Algie, Bill, Pong Ping and Podgy look on to see what will go wrong!

The other naughty boy is typical 1950's humour, but do you know a naughty boy like this??