Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Much Art is Happening Here!

Its like a production line here, brilliant! I have several projects on the go and seem to be full of ideas, so am working as quickly as possible before it all fizzles out.

FISH eating Red square. This is the latest project it just needs to finish drying then I can varnish it. The fish is made from some rusty metal off an old barbecue. Heavily textured, acrylic and mediums + rusty metal 16x20 inches.

Friday, 23 July 2010

ARRRGH appliance revolt!!

OMG its a hard time for my wallet. My electric items have gone on strike. I need a fridge freezer, washing machine, and a TV. They are all on their last legs.

Then I go and try to be efficient and catch up on my washing, having just had a bath I grab al the dirty pile and shove in machine. Soon I hear a nasty knocking noise. What can that be, doh its my mobile phone. In my jeans pocket. So then the saga of getting a new phone.

Ages on to O2 who send details to you've guessed it to my very wet and broken mobile. Doh again. Then I get thick operator from hell when I phone up. She manages to put in my address and email incorrectly. So then I have to phone up again to select my new phone as mine is no longer made. Lucky for me or I would have had no phone delivery as that is when I find out my address is wrong!! Then the email does not come to tell me when the company is delivering the phone so I have to sit in all day. Then the driver can't find me. Does this sound familiar? Another soap opera by me.

But he's a decent guy and the dog likes him. Now I just have to learn to use this new phone AND worse reprogramme all my numbers. I think I am slimming down my list of contacts. At least I got the same number so I can store numbers when folks call. Well if they don't call then perhaps I don't need their number. ;-)

this has worn me out I think an afternoon nap is called for.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Yesterday was booked for Fiona to visit. And we had a great time. Went into Bures to go to the new store Shiny Bow to see if they would stock her cards. Left samples as the owner was away, fingers crossed.

Another friend Ann turned up on the off chance the kettle would be on. So we spent a long time gassing.

In the evening I went and harvested poppy seed heads, for the seeds and I have an idea for art using part of the seed head. they have to dry out first so watch this space.

Most of my time is spent watering when will we get some rain!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Greater London

This is the sun painting from a previous post. I just hated it far too predictive so it got collaged over. Why does that happen with some of my work?

At an auction 2 years ago I bought boxes and boxes of these old engravings. Some I sold but these I kept. They are all from 1830-1870's Newspapers or books. AND I did not cut up the originals that was done prior to my getting them. This is the second one of these collages I have done, first one was given to a friend. I hope to do a series of them. One thing I need to do is attach opera or a magnifying glass. Then you can really see the detail. Plus it will be quirky.

There are small adverts, bankruptcies, just like we have now! Nothing much changes.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Three Elephants

This one came about as I had a canvas I had added some texture to a few weeks ago. No inspiration came so it got put on the work on later shelf. Then I went to the boot fair, found a bracelet with the elephants on and a belt with the metal circles on. Quick snip snip with the tin snips, splash on the paint and there they are Three elephants.

Best of all an arty friend has bought it!!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Land of Sun next stage

As its raining, well trying, indoors adding more to my art.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My Page - Lovin Mixed Media

My Page - Lovin Mixed Media

This is a great on line artists community I belong to. Lots of great freinds, Gary has loads of really good videos of his techniques. since joining I have learnt so much, met up with friends in London to go to exhibitions and had a great time chatting with friends all over the world.

Come along and have a look.

LAND OF SUN latest art work

So Art room up and going this is my latest work. Its heavily textured, using matt emulsion , PVA glue and dry pollyfiller in varying quantities to get thick texture and cracks to form. Then off I go with the acrylic paint.

At the moment I like the sun but the background colour is wrong. So I've been into corel Photo shop and played around. Now I am happy to get on and change the background.

After its had time to finish drying I shall be adding a layer of bitumen. Again it will have to dry, then varnish.

I just love texture in paintings!!!

Art Room Makeover

Well after having builders in , they did lots of work. Replaced floor in my bedroom, so everything in my bedroom had to be moved out including me! I spent 11 days at Val's. What a star friend she is. Total re-wire, fire and smoke alarms, complete bathroom re-fit.

Also before those builders I had the central heating engineers from ga ga land in they nearly killed me - Carbon Monoxide - by fitting a Parkray fire incorrectly. I complained to HETAS - like CORGI- the guy has been struck off, blooming good job too.

So after all this I had gotten a bit down in the mouth and just plain was having a good sulk. But now after a week of clearing everything is back in the art room. I've set it up differently and now have more light and space.