Thursday, 24 September 2015

One Year On - Still trading!!

Hello yes its me! I have been silent for nearly a whole year, this was to allow me some space to get my business up and running properly. Think I might have nearly got there.

During the year I have had some ups...............

Opened up at GosfieldShoppingVillage an antique centre with a farm shop and nice cafe. I have cabinets and an 8 x8 bay here.

Sales are going well here, two chairs, childs chair and most of the books have sold.

The cabinets have smaller more cherished items in them. Oh and a lot of bling jewellery.

Still been painting furniture and tutored a group of Back to Work Adults for 16 weeks in Colchester. That was pretty challenging but fun. These are my most recent chairs.

Annie Sloan paint, first go at painting over the fabric, great result looks and feels just like leather. Just got a booking to do a follow up demo with the company that employed me before, they have an open day. Must have done something right!

I'm continuing to sell every month at Long Melford Antique & Vintage Fair and also on ebay. So everything is going in the right direction and so far the bills are paid.

Only one down and that was an injury. I dislocated my ribs, have now done this 4 times!!! But this time there was a lot of internal swelling and it caused my heart to struggle. So emergency ambulance, 7 hours in A&E Colchester. Fully recovered and dreading doing it again, worst pain since childbirth.

It's been a fun year with some steep learning curves and a whole lot of packing boxes, loading boxes, unloading boxes and unpacking boxes. Bit like constantly moving house.

Looking forward to your comments.