Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mixed Bag of Craft Items On Ebay

Lots and lots and lots of craft items going on ebay. If anyone knows an easy widget to link this site to ebay please let me know. All I have tried don't work!

 You can stamp to your hearts content.
 A little pressing matter for those who do not iron.
 Any one all cut up?
 I'll be stuck on you.
 X Press your self here.
 I'm dying to meet you.
 Zillions of tiny flower pots. Maybe Mannequin Nipples??
 It's a you what kit.
Mini storage tower, it pulls out and twirls.

We'll try this link and see if it works here  Let me know if not, ta very much.

This is just a small selection, 27 items went on today ;-)


  1. Hi Joan.....what is your ebay seller name....I might be interested in the little flower press.
    I dont know how you would add a link to your ebay page though....I think I tried that myself.
    Ellen xx

    1. Hi Ellen I'm joan7870 - very original lol!!

    2. Elaine if you can come up with £5.00 for flower press its yours. Can I leave it at Slack Space for you? or else post is £6 with a courier, its 3 kgs in weight. X Joan

      Ps if I list anything on ebay you want, contact me first.

  2. Oh Joan! There is no stopping you. How ever many more fingers have you in that pie....xx

    1. Ha 68 items on ebay am getting very quick. Will be chaos when auctions end xJ

  3. Hello Joan.....brilliant.....I am happy to pay you £5.00 for it, and leaving it at slackspace will work well...will I be able to leave the money there for you too?

    1. es that will be fine. Will be in Colchester on 30th phone me if you need before x J

  4. No....not in a hurry for it, will note the 30th in my diary and try to remember to take the money in before then :)


Your comments are all read and appreciated. Hope you will forgive me if I miss commenting on your comment, I will be busy doing art :-) x Joan