Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dancing with my Horse - Exhibited with Colchester Art Society

Well tonight my friend Ann, and I went to see if any of my art has been accepted for exhibit.

Yippee one out of the three got in Dancing with my Horse. Here it is on display.

The exhibition is at Layer Marney Tower and its in a really old barn. This weekend the place has an Art Fair so lots of people going. Had a lovely time at the preview evening and met some new artists.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Early morning photo's in the sun.

These are from a special place commemorating my friends daughter. The phot God shined on me as they are taken with my phone camera.

Essex Skipper on a geranium.

Thrift - Me and my shadows.

 Bee on Fred's Poppies

 Poppies on the Wire.

 There is Hay Here!!

Sunlight on the Wind Chimes.

If you want to use these images for art inspiration, please give me credit. But don't copy and print the photos. Thank you.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Latest Work - boxes and canvas art.

Large 5x4x3 box and small box 4x3x2 with original vintage interiors. Using books, newspapers and magazines dating from 1845-1912. Outsides are found objects from necklaces and belts covered with tinfoil then painted with acrylic and top coat of bitumen. varnished with gloss varnish. Legs are wooden beads.

14x8 deep edge canvases texture is polyfiller with various childrens stamps used to make swirls and marks. Onion net pushed into polyfiller then smoothed to show net. Acrylic paint including bronze, gold and metalic blue. Bitumen makes the dark shades. The net goes over the edges. Gloss varnish. The colour shifts on these depending on the light.

6x6 deep edge canvas, acrylic paint, dayglow pink and gold. Over polyfiller and used a stencil for the swans. Bitumen used again and gloss varnish.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Study in Turquoise

This is the canvas that was in the Art in the Garage blog.

So now it has been through two lots of underpainting. top coat of metallics finished. Will varnish after its really dried out.

I am in a phthalo turquoise mist at the moment. Soon that tube of paint will run out. I purposely have not bought another or I think I will just paint more. Its such a yummy colour. Its Atelier Interactive. Metallics are Galeria by W&N they don't make them any more.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Birthday walk

Today I am a year older but , probably, no wiser!!! Such a lovely day i went out for a walk, 3 1/2 miles around the Suffolk / Essex border near my home. Took a couple of pictures of flowers, well weeds but they are pretty.

Then these next ones are of some poppies in the very early morning sun in my back garden. Just as I took them, all I've done is cropped.

Next one is just because I know we all love Molly, but some times she is such a stinker, she got into my bath, after me of course. Another of those fox poop days. Just look at the colour of the water, she loves a nice hot bath and just sits there being soaped and massaged.