Friday, 19 April 2013

Alchemy 3 Exhibition at Colchester Slack Space

Wednesday evening I went to the Private View of this diverse exhibition. I wasn't feeling too good as I have had some mystery bug all week. So it was a very quick visit and then back to a temperature and bed. Thankfully today I am better!

These dinosaurs are made from small household electrical appliances, mobiles, computers and other similar throw away goods.

Do you see anything you once owned? Lots of TV remotes on this one.

They are great fun.

I really like the way my art has been displayed. This white box is so effective.

Really lucky to get so much into one exhibition.

Also ongoing at Slack Space is the decoration of these giraffes. They are to be displayed at Colchester Zoo to celebrate 50 years of being open. A very patient artist is painting purple circles. He then has to paint white circles on the top half. I think he will be a bit dotty by the end.


  1. Your art looks terrific how it is displayed.

    The giraffes are just amazing and will really catch the eye when placed at the zoo.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Its lovely to see how those giraffes are coming along as the last time i saw them they were plain white. Must visit them when they go to Colchester zoo......xx


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