Sunday, 14 April 2013

Big Clowder of Small Cats

Lovely day here, so walked Molly twice and been to church. Rest of the time cutting out and sewing the small kittens.

Kitten mug shots. Tons of ends to clip. I'm loving that each one has its own expression. Machine embroidery with stitch and tear backing. Also used medium iron on interfacing to stop the fabric fraying. It's shirt fabric from my stash.

Heads and bodies united on top of felt. Decided to do a rainbow clowder of kittens.

Turned out pretty good!!

First cat, top one, did the face and realised the stitches showing on the back looked naff. Second one looks much better. You can see the size as the background squares are 1cm.

Tomorrow I'm going to start on the Mummy Cats face design.


  1. enjoyed seeing the progression of how you made them - like the first photo with all the heads together x

  2. Love! Love ! Love!!! those little kitties....xx

  3. awww such cute kitties! I love how each one has its own character :) x


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