Friday, 12 April 2013

Busy, Busy Bunny

Normally I make my textile dolls and rabbits one at a time. But I have a busy craft fair coming up so have made a warren of rabbits over the last few days.

Eleven flat bunnies - not yet stuffed. All 1970 fabrics so they just had to be orange. I've used the two blues to liven up the colour theme.

I got a new gadget presser foot for my sewing machine.

It turns the fabric in a circle whilst you sew.

So that a straight zig-zag based stitch now makes a flower shape. Fits most makes of machine and under a £10 note from Ebay, where else. Also treated myself to a freestyle machine embroidery foot - I don't want to sew my finger again :-)

I've used a different stitch on each set of eyes. Legs, arms and ears all sewn with different shades of orange.

New label too, MB heart = Mad Bird made with love. Sewn on the hem of old table linens. A darn sight cheaper than those you order on line too.

Next on the list are five Denim Divas as I was given another pair of old jeans.

Head's buzzing with ideas for the Make do & Mend classes too.

x from the Mad Bird.


  1. Oh these are fabulous Joan--I love them !! xxx

  2. Gosh Joan !!! you will be counting rabbits in your sleep !! - the new gadgets for your sewing machine sound interesting/fun x

  3. Joan you are such a busy bee, but i am a bit worried how you are going to manage your garden this year when you have a warren of rabbits to make....xx

    1. Rabbits and deer have taken over garden :-) Badgers now have a route through it as well. x J

  4. A - Dor - A - Ble!
    really sweet!

  5. Thank you all for such lovely comments. x Joan

  6. Gorgeous cluster of bunnies.

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Lovely to see you today......and lovely bunnies :D
    Ellen x


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