Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mousie Mousie Pin Cushion and Thread Holder

Don't you just love Ebay, bulk buy of Laura Ashley Vintage cotton fabrics. Just right for the Mousie Mousie Pin Cushion

Look Mousie a bare bear!

Eyes front.

Eyes right.


About face and eyes left.

Here's looking at you and that naughty blogger turned the picture around again.

I have cut out twelve more today, lots of lovely Laura Ashley 1970/80s tiny flower patterns.

Both gone as little gifts to new homes. One to Pam and the other to Julie both friends from Bures Baptist Church. Thank you Pam for my new Study Bible.


  1. They are lovely fabrics - I'm sure I remember making something from these years ago!

    Your little mice are lovely :)

  2. I love the mousies! The fabric brings back memories - I had my bedroom decorated with the small blue pattern when I was 11 and my Mum made me a patchwork blanket made with various Laura Ashley fabrics.

    1. Love the story. More being made......... I'm nearly moused out. x Joan

  3. What a good find on eBay. Your mousie pin and thread holders are lovely.

  4. I find e-bay completely confusing so well found. Lovely mice with lovely ears :)

  5. The little mice are so cute

  6. Those are just the most darling mice I have ever seen. I love their ears!

  7. Thank you all. Mouse family now expanded to 19! Ebay can be too much now it is so huge and so much choice happy crafting Joan

  8. Just seen your mouse post. Love those little things. Please can we have more.....xx Thanks Joan for your comment on my last post.x


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