Friday, 19 April 2013

Mummy Cat and Kittens Finished - Working on Denim Divas.

So the cats are all sewn and stuffed. Boy those skinny tails were a job to stuff. Several versions of stitching, finally decided Mummy cat looks best nice and neat with seams inside. Tried her with felt, like the kittens and  with same fabric as the front, hated both. They are the top two.

I've just put some gathered lace around one or two as I think they remind me of ballerinas standing on their tippy toes.

Lovely smiley faces embroidered free style and using some of the stitches on the machine. Really pleased with the faces. The brooch pins have arrived so I can get these ready for sale now. I will be selling a Mummy, plus one kitten, which will be a brooch. Blogger has turned this picture round how annoying.

Now the Divas have been a bit slower than I would like. Here they are legs part stuffed, faces, dresses and arms all ready. Just have to stuff the arms, stuff the top of the legs and then fit them together. The legs are really long and skinny too, so take an age to stuff. 

I use this stuffing from World of Wool it complies with BS standards for toys and is washable too. Not the cheapest but I find it stuffs easily and goes quite a long way. Plus the company is very efficient. I've just had my 2nd lot and I ordered Wednesday and its been delivered today.  Cheaper stuffing is available but it clumps and is not washable.

Quick mention for my newest follower the lovely Georgia Coote do click on her name and have a look at her super blog. She's really talented at designing fabric!

Now kettle on and back to stuffing. Roll on Christmas I can offer a stuffing service for turkeys. Well a girl has to earn money somehow.


  1. Hoe cute is the idea of tutus on the cats--it made me smile for sure.

    I really love how you do the Divas faces.

    Happy Stuffing!

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Its amazing what you an do with a good imagination, time and a good sewing machine. Well done they are just lovely...xx

  3. I love the cats! They're so full of whimsy.


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