Sunday, 21 April 2013

Easy Wrist Pincushion in Denim - Tutorial

There were some bits of denim left from making the last batch of Denim Divas and I hate waste. So I whipped up a quick wrist pincushion. Took all of 15 minutes, including the photographs!

You will need denim, size in picture, scrap of embroidery or use pretty fabric or scraps of lace. Whatever you have to hand.

Sew trim to centre of denim.

Make 1.5cm hem on one short side.

Fold hemmed side over so the edge is on the centre of the denim. Then fold the unhemmed side over so that it overlaps by 2cm.

Sew two short sides on your machine.

Turn right side out. Remember to poke out your corners.

Can your read this? blogger turned this one round - again.

And again again wrong way round. Cut a piece of card a bit smaller than the pincushion. This stops pins going right through!

Yay right way up.

Two scrunchies, these are small so I used two. If you have a bigger scrunchie just use one.

Not very clear but you make a figure of eight by threading one through the other. Then pull. Some scrunchies are large enough to go round your wrist as they are. Fit one on your wrist before making to see how it feels.

Stitch scrunchie to sides of pincushion.

Sideways again! Fed up with this blogger fault. All finished and ready to use.

You can use most fabrics, but a slightly heavier one works best. Curtain weight is nice too. Scrunchies are available at most £1 or $1 stores in big bags. This is a great item to make for flea markets or fund raisers. 

Hope you have fun making yours. Love to hear your comments.


  1. Brilliant idea-would never have thought of using the scrunchies in that way.

    Thank you for sharing

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Very handy. I have a habit of sticking pins and needles in my clothing, and then sometimes find I have gone out of the house covered in pins.

  3. A great little tutorial- the card tip is very good, even if blogger wants us to stand on our heads to read it!

  4. A really great way to use up smaller pieces of left over fabric. Thanks for sharing x

  5. Great idea - been meaning to make one of these for ages - good job you mentioned putting a piece of card in the bottom though! I would have been stabbing myself repeatedly in the wrist!

  6. Lovely quick tutorial. Thank for sharing

  7. A great idea to use the scrunchies. I like the idea of the card too.

    Jan x

  8. Great idea. I also think that I could manage this. Great tutorial :)

  9. Hi every one thank you all so much for the positive comments. This is one of the things we will be making in my Make Do and Mend classes.

  10. So cute and an absolutely fabulous idea!

  11. What a clever idea. Loved that you used scraps. This looks like a fun, easy project.

  12. I love this idea! It looks quick and easy, and is so cute!


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