Saturday, 11 February 2012

Not Where I should be today.

Today Cherry Ann Hall was holding an Open Gallery of her 1st Exhibition. Yes I should have been there, but the car thought otherwise. Friend Ann stepped in to drive me there, then Molly went down with a bad stomach. So Ann had to take me to the vets instead. Arrgh what a horrible day.

Little book for my Granddaughter.
This one has a watch face in it.
First Site paper bag made into pockets, each has a little hint on life, love, who to go to for help and last on a Goth Necklace. Do you think she'll listen? Hope this is better than nagging!!
 this one has a small heart in it.
Next mannequin is a French Madame, using the new french magazines, Revue de la Mode and La Mode Illustree. This is an Edwardian Mannequin made of paper mache with a stuck on cloth cover. Even though I've done the covering of poly filler and glue, still jolly hard to get some areas flat and adhesive. Had to do another coat of PVA to seal the whole thing. I'm trying to make the layout look like a dress using different elements of the papers. About 1/2 way.

Molly is very quiet but not shivering with tummy ache now. Better day tomorrow I hope.


  1. Never mind - still love you !!! julie turned up with a cherry stone badge - xx now cherry is stoned !!! x

    1. You missed a treat, not only was Cherry's show amazing but Leigh on Sea was a treasure.. You'd have loved it, so many charity shops.. He! he!

      Hope that Molly is feeling better this morning.. Give her a hug.x

      Joan, Do you have an old paper and fabric one that you haven't started work on yet? It doesn't matter if it's a bit beaten up.. I would like to use it as a display for my brooches.. xx Keep warm. x

    2. Hi Julie We are better today, me temper wise and Molly tummy wise thanx!. If I get car mended - big cost - I am going down asap.

      Oh Julie sorry I am on the last one. You can buy a foam display head on eBay cheap.

      Got thermals on lol.


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