Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And on the Work Table Today...........

Looks like a big mess? Well I'm working on a lot at once as everything needs drying time (yawn) in between the stages. I don't want to waste this quality time I have, as I'm stuck here due to car not getting mended till Thursday. So we are reading from bottom left, top to the small chest of drawers, the chest with new finish, stand for mannequin No3, drawers for chest, and set of three wooden boxes. On the chair are two more boxes, larger ones, they were a bit shy. The mannequins are at the many coats of PVA sealer, so not much progress there.

Bought an old photo frame last time I met up with my art buddies, here's whats going on with that.

 And a close up of the box top.

Hidden under the milky wet glue are two people big one is a giant Mr Henri Cop and the small one is Prince Colibri. Both toured in a circus side show. When the glue is dry you will be able to see them properly. I got these tiny tiny dolls from eBay, this one is in the back plate from a Rolex watch.

The snow has melted and Molly and I were able to do our long walk today. Checked the garlic and lots of it is up, its snuggling under the straw. I'll have to take that off soon or the shoots will be yellow. Lost all my broad beans to the frost and they were in the green house too. Will only have one lot this year so waiting a week or so before trying again. Tis very wet on the veg plot so no digging. If we have a couple of dry days I will be sparking up the rest of the mass of scrap timber left  from cutting down the trees.

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