Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Frozen, Snow, slippery - Molly loves it!

Between trying to dig out the car and trying to keep upright on the walks i'm all done in. Molly on the other hand is going round like a mad dog. Couple of pictures so you can see we have snow.

 Surveying the snowy territory

 Speed freak Molly in her smart red coat.

 No water here today just ice! Whole pond is frozen solid.

Anyone for a bath? Old metal bath now a water trough on my allotment.

Work goes on to the next mannequin. Several friends have called round, so not much got done over last two days.  Trying fringing but its wrong colour, right effect! Darn I got all this stuff and I'm going to have to buy something new! This one is all 1930/40's sheet music sheets. Theme is jealousy/love.

Finished my friends birthday present size 9 socks. Took forever as pattern was difficult and size 9 I usually knit size 5 for me!!!

Tomorrow I'll update you on the magazines I've bought from France, they are really yummy!


  1. i can see them all in the front window of the pop up shop !!! love all the photo's

  2. At least Molly won't get lost in that red coat, she looks like she is having a lot of fun.
    The mannequin is coming along. It must take ages to complete.
    I don't know about you, but i love the snow it makes me feel secure and safe......xx

    1. I love snow, makes the world look pure! Yes they take a while but I am enjoying making them!

      You can't lose Molly she can always find me if I hide. XX's J


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