Thursday, 9 February 2012

The French Have Landed

Oh La La my French magazines have arrived. School girl French allows me to read about every 10th word. But the pictures are brilliant! Little sample below.

Top lot are 1880's coloured pictures are 1950's. Money well spent in my view. There are loads of pictures inside too and adverts. Plus the 1880's ones, some have the original paper patterns still inside and unused.

Been cutting and gluing a lot today. Onto the last mannequin, this is the vintage one with the damaged boobies. Sounds like 'Allo 'allo don't you think?

The 1880 mags came with an outer cover in a grubby pink colour, very faded and tatty. So I've cut those up to use as the base layer.

Now do my boobs look big in this?

I've had to do some more paper surgery on the nearest boob as the poly filler shrank a bit as it dried. Oh what we girls do for our art.

40's song mannequin is still awaiting my light bulb moment to get it finished off.


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    1. Bonjour Andrea Merci beaucoup mon amiee!! Maintenant je require le dictionaire!

      That's probably total **** but fun anyway lol and tnx 2 :-P


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