Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cut,Cut, & Glue Glue

Spent most of today cutting figures and gluing them onto the mannequin.

Starting to have fun with the bling on the neck decoration,

Back waist, now glued, nails removed too!

These old ear rings were just right for this purpose.

Can't wait to get her finished. Mean time thinking how I can resolve the wobbly stand.


  1. I just wish i could be as content as you!! To be on your own and create with nobody to get you down, but sadly i am not i am me and i have to accept that........xx

    1. Yes I am me too and am ignoring my down side in hope it will go away!!! Keep your chin up kid soon be time to sew the veg - you will feel better then. xx's J

      PS will come over once car is fixed.

  2. All looking very wonderful for the pop up shop 3rd march - !7th March !!! -


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