Thursday, 16 February 2012

No Car = Lots of time to do ART!

Yes the car went into the garage today. Sadly the part needed to mend an old car is going to take till Tuesday to get here. So I am at home no car. Garage says I can drive small (5 miles) but no further in case I break down.

Still it was fun today Ann and I went to Sudbury to do a bit of shopping. Saw another couple of friends there and had coffee. Mannequins got treated to some bling from the haberdashery stall. More of that when I can get it attached.

Working on a mini chest of drawers. Here's how the top is going. Still more tiny weenie watch parts to stick on.

And this is a small selection of my watch parts, see the sewing needle, that's what I pick them up with. So many tiny bits, carefull is the word I would hate to knock that lot on the floor!

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  1. How I love this Joan, what a great idea. See you tomorrow..x


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