Saturday, 4 February 2012

I think its day 16?

Must be feeling good I've hoovered, cleaned bathroom, done washing and scrubbed kitchen sink! Molly got a right shock when the hoover went on, if it wasn't so cold she would have shot out of the cat flap. She hates the hoover, sensible girl so do I.

A little more on the mannequin - she's been called "The Housekeeper" remember those stern Victorian heads of house? They went round with all their essentials hanging round their waist on a chatelaine. Wiki here Thinking about it I may just call her Chatelaine, sounds a bit more exciting! sexy you know what I mean.

Housekeepers had to know all about fashion, running a house, keeping to time, family life, romance and all. Mostly they were very strict, you had to be with all those maids and butlers carrying on downstairs. So this mannequin reflects all these things and more.

I am praying that the ink well bonds to the neck of the mannequin, Hard as Nails is taking for ever to dry! This one will have to cost more as its a lot larger. If these sell I must make sure I have enough to buy more mannequins at full price, just in case I can not get 2nd hand ones.

Just a quick drawing today.

Well they "All Fall Down" before I get them coloured in?


  1. Replies
    1. OOOOh! Joan... I'm speachless! Amazing work.. Can't wait to see it finished, wonderful so far..

  2. I've just realized... You said the 'C' word.. You can pack that lark up.. No Cleaning aloud!

  3. lol Julie spiders now having therapy! Thank goodness for friends and praise depressed again today. U made me feel better! xx's J


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