Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 14 Painting a Day - Brain full of Squiggles.

So today I had plans for working hard on lots of things, have done some. My brain has gone on vacation and my mind is just full of squiggles. So that's what has come out in my painting today.

I started with a pale underpainting of Cad. Yellow, Windsor Green - blue shade - and Magenta. Let that dry, then picked out areas in the same three colours but darker mixes. Let that dry. Then out came the fine Pitt Artist Pen and lots of squiggles around the colour blocks. Still did not look powerful enough so over the colours again still using same colours. So I drew over the whole thing with a Pitt Artist Pen with a brush nib. Ah that looks better but it needs to be shiny, so glazed over it with the PVA adhesive.

Then when that was dry I could see the shape in the painting. Out comes the gold acrylic and I washed over the background three times. I am quite pleased with this. It suggests a Victorian silhouette but is modern in style.

Ok it's hard to get the effect from a photograph!!! So 1st one has two coats of gold on and is in sunlight.
2nd has three coats of gold and is in normal duller light.
3rd is with the picture held up to the window so you can see the under painting.

1st one is nearest to real life. I still have not got the hang of this camera. My last one had a night time setting that made a much better job of reflective surfaces!!!

My trailer is full of chicken poo again. AND there is also a larger heap of the stuff next to the trailer. So I have some forking work to do - do you like the nearly swearing whilst making a sentence that is really true?  lol.

Mannequin update, its had the first coat of dilute PVA and I have spent ages going through my stash of "bits" to see how to decorate it. So far I have dangley bits, two bracelets, various chains, braid and an old brass inkwell.

Now its nearly getting dark so I must walk the dog.


  1. Your painting is just beautiful and very professional........xx

  2. XX@s thanks Linda. Hope your courses are going ok?


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