Friday, 13 January 2012

Spring is nearly here - Beans R Us

A long job podding beans, good job evenings are still long. Here are the culprits all podded and ready to plant. Runners, Borlotti, French Dwarfs and climbing Harricots. The black and white ones are Ying Yang Beans, bit of a novelty for the stock pot. Yum Yum can't wait till summer, oh and my friends have got some to plant as well.

Yesterday was a brilliant day over at Linda's. We all met up for lunch and a look at her house, oh and a bit of art as well. Thank you Linda for a lovely day.

Some ground frost today, so late out for a walk, we met up with Gilli and her dog,Wilson. Then another regular dog walker, Mrs Bashier, then along came Ivy Green Stables lot, in all 7 dogs running round having fun on Loveney's Farm fields. Back home for coffee and then out digging on the allotment. Now I'm going to run up there and take a picture of digging progress. Still some land to clear, but I am having a big bonfire once we have cleared all the trees from behind the garage. That should clear a lot of the top weeds.

Both my greenhouses are ready for spring planting, one has onions, Red & White and shallots already in pots. Broad beans will go into guttering later today. Then I have to get on and clear my window sills for the tomato seeds.

Always makes me feel better once I can start new life going on the veg plot.


  1. Thanks for coming yesterday It was lovely to see you......
    Looks like i will have to get my skates on and start thinking about my early planting too.
    Thankyou for those seeds i will think of you when they grow.........xx

    1. I had such a lovely day with you all and thank you for the magic beans.x

  2. thanks for a lovely day yesterday and for all the seeds you gave me......


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