Monday, 30 January 2012

Painting a Day 13 - Coffee Morning

Monday I usually help at a coffee morning at the Baptist Church in Bures. I take Molly and she gets treats and fuss from the visitors. It was really cold in the church hall when I got there. I kept my coat on for ages and have not really got warm all day. We all had a good time chatting and eating the biscuits. Had lunch than felt really unwell so went for an hours kip.

Picked the last of the leeks today, making marrow fat pea and leek soup for tomorrow. Think I am brewing a cold as I am feeling very achy.

Not much time for art today, just finished the first layer of the paper decoupage on the mannequin.

Then I have been cutting out the pictures I am going to use.

There is one advert of a very early sock knitting machine. As I am a sock knitter I just had to put that in! Oh and the Victorians had the same problems as us, Superfluous Hair and Constipation!!!

Time for a quick 10 minutes of cartoons. These are hand drawn but copied from a children's Christmas Annual. Bit short of inspiration, but hey you copy a still life, so its the same really. It just keeps your hand in when you are not feeling too good.

Now I am going to try and find some interesting TV to watch and try to finish my friends socks. They were for her birthday on 8th Jan I am a bit behind schedule.


  1. The mannequin is looking good Joan, and the cut outs look so interesting.. And a cure for unwanted hair.. Love it.

    Hope your feeling a little warmer.. I've felt the same, the cold has got into my bones...

    1. Thanks Julie, hope we have not picked up the same thing! x's J

  2. Wishing you and Julie well xxx love the mannequin !!!

    1. Tnx Cherry - what ru doing up at 1.30am???? Mannequin loves u back :-) J


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