Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 8 Painting & Molly-moaning -Mannequin update

OK lots going on here. Walk this am was miserable, wind, rain and cold. So Molly had to wear a coat. In fact she got me up, nagged to go on a walk, took one step out the door and then shot back in again. Only went out after having her coat put on and a small help from my foot up her bum. We made it to the allotment, where I dodged the rain to get a few snaps so you can see how I am getting on.

Then we walked to the farm, met Molly's friend Oscar the wire haired dachshund, turned round and came back home. It was then onto the daily painting, this is a copy of a front cover of a children's book, dating from 1950/60. Water colour with added Pitt pen on water colour paper.

Next job is to do some more on the mannequin. As I have to wait for the water colour to dry and I can't work the mannequin all at once, I am hopping between the two. Although I cut out lots of pictures and adverts, it always ends up with those not being quite right so I end up cutting more.

So pictures today are all relating to the above. Molly's added a comment. And I am liking the camera a bit more as I have found the button that lets me fiddle with the settings. I wish I knew why I hate to change my equipment. Oh yes I remember I have to work at learning it all over again. I think I must be like the rest of you and a bit lazy!

Did I mention that the allotment is 40 x 100 ft or thereabouts. All the left hand side is now in use. The right hand side is still in the throws of soil improvement and clearing soil of weeds. It's all hand dug now, when I first started on it 6 years ago I had my friend plough it. You could not get a spade in. Many times I have nearly given up as it is such hard work, but the vegetables taste great and you don't get anywhere with out hard work and determination.


  1. Well!! You have been busy today even though the weather has been wet and miserable. Love Mollys raincoat, she looks quite fetching in it. Your photos are great......xx

  2. interesting post it made me laugh !! can't wait to see the next mannequin


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