Saturday, 28 January 2012

Painting Day 11 - A Quiet Day

Hooray a day that went as planned. Alarm clock worked, water was hot for my bath, washing machine worked, so did the dishwasher and Molly has been a good girl too.

So another trip to the farm to get a tarpaulin to protect my kitchen floor. Today I did the base coat on three mannequins.
What is the collective noun for mannequins? A fashion, a body, a corpse? Got any suggestions.

Today was turn over the compost heap. When I had my old dog Bud he did that for me. You only had to say "What's that?" and he would dig for ages. Molly is too much of a girl to do that job, so I get the task. Anyway it took me about 3/4 of an hour. The heap is big, really big, the bottom has really got going but edges and the top were not so good. A good turn over will start the breakdown process again and the heap should be nice and warm tomorrow. It does save a lot of pennies as I can use this instead of expensive peat based composts from the shops.

My painting today is one of my Mad Birds for my friend Mary. Its on a sheet that advertises a lot of songs. Mary is another artist and I met her on line in an art group called Loving Mixed Media. we get on really well and she has been a big support to me by buying my art and encouraging me. I hope she likes it and has a laugh at the lyrics and the Mad Birds antics.

I have finished the 2nd Mannequin, it's called "Little Princess, Look Up". Again its heavily influenced by Queen Victoria, many of the images come from a newspaper printed in the week she died in 1901. I have added a "silver spoon" as all little Princesses should have one, don't you think? Hope you like it I am very happy with this one. Now what shall I do for No.3? I have 1930-40 magazines and lots of Movie Star pictures that might look good.

Now I spoke too soon, I've just managed to knock over the tallest mannequin. Now she has a dent in her side and one of her boobs has gone concave. Oh well I'll just have to do some "filler" surgery on her tomorrow.


  1. Amazing !! love her- I have a cheque for you for the other one too !!!

  2. Fab! Really enjoying seeing your work. :)


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