Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 5 Painting a Day 2012

Well, those naughty Mad Birds have been fluttering round in the vintage music. Here they are singing a serenade.

Which one is singing flat??

Hand drawn, used water colour for the highlights. The music is part of a whole box full I bought at Boreham Boot Fair last year for a £10 note. I've used all these birds before, but they are so popular. And I just love them. I am sure you know some girls that wear their hearts on their sleeves?

Tomorrow if my lovely son has survived the man flu he is coming to fit my new computer. So I will have to be up bright and early if I am to keep up with my daily art.


Your comments are all read and appreciated. Hope you will forgive me if I miss commenting on your comment, I will be busy doing art :-) x Joan