Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 3 Painting a Day AND What's on your window sill??

Brrrr bit cold and wet today. The trailer has gone back to the farm for a refill of the wonderful chicken manure :-))

Art is my own work today - that's better I can hear you yelling - A Mad Bird, drawn with Pit Pen and then water colour. Funny I'm nearly liking the water colours now.

Now honesty is required here, who lives in a neat house? Not me here's what's on my kitchen/diner window sill.

Some saved seeds, some commercial all going to be grown and used this year.

The contents of the window sill changes depending on what I am on at the moment. This year its been a display shelf for antique vases and ornaments, a book shelf to sort out the 200 books bought at auction and a display shelf for my art works. My neighbors always have a look whilst driving or walking past. Its a barometer of "What the Mar Bird is up to".

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