Friday, 27 January 2012

Missed a Day!!

OK I know I was not here yesterday. I had one of those days, firstly I managed to turn the alarm clock off, instead of putting it to snooze, so did not wake up till 9.30.

Then I went up to the farm to get the other mannequin, paint, Gesso and sundries to work on the mannequins. I put it al in the garden trolley and started off on the home journey. Did not get far when I hit a pot hole and gave the trolley a jolt. A few step later I noticed something white dripping onto my shoe. Yes the Gesso had tipped over and had leaked all over the farm yard. Plus I had lost about 1/2 the litre pot. Darn and its expensive too.

So back home I went to get a broom and watering can, to clear up the paint. Did you know how far paint + water goes. Well it's a long way. So by the time I had cleared up it was 1pm. Time for lunch.

Later i did manage to get the mannequin a bit further on and do some painting. Then I tried to use the new camera software and I guess I was tired because three times I took my pictures and managed to wipe them before I had saved them.

I think I was a real klutz yesterday.

Today has been better. Mannequin is in the last varnishing stages, so a couple of close-ups so you get a taster. I've done some more bird and cat work and hand coloured a very pretty sheet music front page. Also done some manure moving on the veg plot, dug a bit, helped load my friend Julia's car with logs and walked the dog.

Check out the middle dancing bird - look close - where's her bikini top? I love the cat that has fallen off his perch and is clinging on by his claws. Dangerous job starring in a picture.


  1. wow Joan !!! what an eventful 2 days !! can't wait to see the next mannequin

  2. Oh Joan!! Its so lovely to see you back on form. Looking forward to your next antics.......xx

  3. Hi Cherry & Linda I am trying for a quiet days today, Saturday. House looks like a retirement home for mannequins. Today i am going to be doing their base cover up layer. xx's


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