Saturday, 19 January 2013

Valentine Heart - Tinfoil & Paper Mache

So some spare time and I got on and finished another sample for my class at The Ideas Hub.

To the basic shape I've added vintage lace and doilies.

A lace butterfly and some Edwardian text.

All wrapped up in gold thread.

A broken faux pearl necklace, vintage lace and that mystery gold mesh, again wrapped with gold thread.

Hiding on the other side - could this be the mistress or does the lady have a secret friend?

Cut work from a doily and another Edwardian image.

Some lines from an Edwardian verse.

You can make up your own story from the images. All images and text are originals, gleaned from a magazine called Pall Mall.

What are you making for Valentines day?


  1. Wonderful! Love your textures!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving me such good ideas on how to manage time, I think I will give them a go. It is so easy to get distracted and time just seems to slip away so using a CD to measure time and change projects when it finishes does sound like a great idea!
    Hope you have fun at the class.
    have a good week.

  2. What amazing hearts. Sorry i have missed your posts lately, but seemed to have lost my enthusiasm for blogging just lately. I think it could be Christmas blues.......xx

  3. love love love.
    will certainly try these out (thanks for the tutorial)

  4. Hi Joan - been away so lots of catching up to do - love the gold threads x


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