Thursday, 31 January 2013

New Work - Collages

Been a busy bee this week. My output of art always goes in collections, so I will do a batch of one style and then onto the next one. I think I am in a slightly surreal state of mind.

Invading the Victorians
Victorian street scene from 1866 newspaper, 1960 images from a boy's Lion Annual, hand colored with watercolor pencils. I still love coloring, it was one of my favorite things as a child.

Listen Carefully Pete
Vintage Sheet Music, 1950's image of a girl and the Lion Annual again. The little man, Pete, has his name printed on his front.

Mechanical Men
AA Map of the UK, 1930's image reworked into a greyscale photo, cut out and all adhered with Wax.

Sunshine on My Garden

1950's Embroidery images, AA Map of the UK, Bible pages cut into leaves and a bit of scribble with a Sharpie.

Troks Marching Orders

1950's French Adverts and the Ladies heads from a Fashion Magazine, AA Maps and speech bubble from the Lion Annual.

We Can't Hold ON!!!

Victorian Images from 1866 Newspaper, 1950's girl images and yet another speech bubble from the Lion Annual.

All are on a background of watercolor paper, dressmaking tissue paper with acrylic glaze. I've used wax for the first time to adhere and color some of the collage. Rest is stuck down with my favorite Heavy Structure Gel. All are 8 x 6 inches in a 10 x 12 cream mount. Backed and ready to frame.

I do hope you enlarge the images as the words in the speech bubbles just make the images work. It's so funny taking the speech bubbles and adding them to another scene, I've really had fun with these.


  1. Wow!!! More original ideas! Your art work is just amazing.....xx

  2. Hi Linda thanks see this is what happens when I am not on those happy pills!! My art brain works :-0

  3. Hello,
    Sunshine on my garden is superb.....
    Daisy x


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