Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Travelling Paintings- Tissue Paper Decoupage

Ho Hum busy start to the year. I found the travelling paintings, sent to me by Mo, all the way from Austrailia. I've only had then 6-8-12 months - big sorry to the others in the group.

Mo did the lovely hand dyed tissue paper.

All on 8x8 boards.

I've added some image transfers or torn paper.

Using a photo, maps and vintage book pages.

Close up image transfer.

Close up torn paper. Love the fact that the tissue paper bled into the paper.

I have sealed the two stages with glazing medium. You can paint acrylics or reglaze with matt medium over this. Reason the tissue is delicate.

Another sample of decoupage, this time with bleeding tissue paper and a book page transfer.

Working straight from a book does mean the words are back to front! I love this as it looks like some mystery language.

Spent an hour in the garage trying to sort out a car fault ;-(
Then off to the Pop-up shop to collect all my art and various tables and shelves. Could not get it all in the car! So back again tomorrow and I still have to collect from The Ideas Hub.

Who needs a work out? Twenty times up and down two flights of metal stairs carrying all this lot, then backwards and forwards in the shop as well, plus walking the dog, then emptying the car when I got home.

Further news on The Ideas Hub many exciting things going on this month. January diary will be updated soon but, I've had a sneak preview. Some courses are already arranged for Fridays, Craft Fair Saturdays with demonstrations - hope I'll be doing some. If you are interested in having a stall or doing a demo contact The Ideas Hub.  At the moment they are getting an exhibit ready on the changes going on at the Old Marconi site.

Really achieved a lot today.

Cup of tea or maybe large Sloe Gin and bed for me.


  1. Hi Joan Sorry to see the close of the pop up shop, but looks like you will be busy with lots of other projects. Hope all goes well for you this year and that i get to one of your workshops soon ......xx

    1. Hi Linda Happy New Year to you. I hope you are on one of my workshops soon too! Meantime get together with Cherry and make time to come over to my secret stash house :-)x J


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