Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Snow 2013

Time to upload some snow pictures. It's melting today.

My lane looking away from my house.

Looking back to my house. Nice and quiet and 2 miles before we get to a gritted road. So you need to be fearless for driving on ice and snow.

The best form of transport, local farmer Terry in his tractor.

A fallen tree on the footpath.

Molly sniffing the badger tracks.

New sign needed - "Danger Deep Ice" !

A new invention a Snow Can

And Snow Body Sitting on my Chairs.

Hope it's warmer where you live.

There will be a Freebie Friday some good French Fashion images from the 1950's and more Victorian images. No competition just free for you to copy and use. 


  1. Great photos!!! Looks like you had more snow where you are than we did here in Hatfield Peverel.....xx


    1. Thanks Linda, took loads more! Yes I think we did I am on the 2nd highest point in Essex so Guess that makes a difference. x J

  2. I enjoyed your snow pictures! I thought the UK was not a very snowy place but it appears I was wrong. We miss you over at Inspiration Avenue!


    1. Hi Lou Anne Sometimes it does snow :-) Nice to hear from you x J

  3. I love the garden when it snows.. All looks tidy.. Great photo's Joan.. Molly looks cute in her red riding hood out fit..x


    1. Hi Julie Yes I love it too. That coat was a freebie from an Ebay lady I bought fabric from. How good was that of her??? X J


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