Saturday, 1 December 2012

More Dolls 3 & 4 & Help from the Artists Way

My Happy Scrappy Dolls are coming along. Two sets of clothes made today, finishing touches, hair and faces also completed.

Happy Scrappy Doll 3 is Florelle she has a flowery skirt so took the name from that theme.

 A big lacy bow in her tasseled hair, a blue crochet doily shawl and a little bow button on her blouse.

She also has blue and cream lace hankie and embroidered flowers on her feet.

Next is number 4 Petunia.

A heart pendant has been sewn onto her shawl, which is a drawn thread mat. Her hair is a mix of embroidery silk and a pink crochet doily with with ribbons.

Her dress is a wonderful hand embroidered piece of muslin. It's got a few shabby bits and a hole but the embroidery is just wonderful. Her petticoat is made from a very early lace window panel.

Here they both are sitting on my dresser with the emergency lighting.

This week at The Hub our group that is following The Artists Way by Julia Cameron discussed stopping a habit that is holding us up time wise. The book suggests  - stop reading- but we all agreed that our computers are worse culprits. So I am banned from being on my PC between 8.30 and 18.30 hrs. Failed at lunch time, had to check ebay watched items and play a game of scrabble. Will try harder tomorrow.

I'm going to be demonstrating those Dolly Peg Angels at The Hub, hopefully Heather will remember to email me the times :-)

Very cold here - had to wear my fur ear flap hat, two pairs of woolly socks and Molly was happy to have her coat on too for our walks today.


  1. Love the dolls Joan and their numbers !! - 14th and 15th Dec are dates for the hub crafty thing - Well done with the Artist Way x

  2. Sorry i missed these ones!!!! More girls of the night......xx


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