Monday, 17 December 2012

1950's Retro Divas

Working on some new designs, when I should really be clearing up for Christmas!!!

Just love the 1950's fabrics I bought at the last retro fair in Colchester. Three Retro Divas, for Christmas Presents, Daughter, Granddaughter & Sons long term girlfriend.

 The floor - all the tiny scraps. These go in a bag, never throw bits away.

Two Divas cut out and ready to sew.

Face and Hair done. Made up and stuffed one leg. As you can see she has crazy legs, one side dotty other stripy. Little ballet shoes match the hair.

Loving her machine embroidered face and the flower hair clip. The hair clip is made from one of the flower and leaf patterns. I then used a tiny bit of wadding and pulled the middle together to make a raised centre. It's backed with very light interfacing as vintage fabrics can be delicate. Little bit of machine embroidery round the edge as well. I backed her face with interfacing, as I knew this fabric was a bit more delicate too.
Her face, arms and lace collar come from a chair back most of the lace was damaged and there was a hole in the fabric too. I love the darker beige shade, she looks like she has a tan.

Had a busy day, Carol singing at the Monday Take A Break Club. Molly came along, she's not too keen on our singing. Mammoth washing session, all the fabric I bought from Ebay and my own washing as well. Lovely lady I bought the fabric from sent a dog coat along for Molly. There are still some really nice people out there.


  1. These are your best yet.. Absolutely fantastic.. I think that these could be perfect for a vintage fair.. x

    1. Oh Julie thanks, your comments mean a lot to me. Hope I can book some fairs after Christmas. x J

  2. Joan! your head must be buzzing all the time thinking about creating yet another one of your original dolls. I'm sure your family will love to receive them.
    Hope you have a Happy Christmas. Sorry not to tell you personally......xx

    1. Hi Lindy Loo :-) I never know what's going on in my head!!! Happy Christmas 2U2 x J


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