Thursday, 20 December 2012

Last Doll's before Christmas

Had a really rough week with a bad bout of depression, but determined to carry on making my doll's as they brighten my day. Retro Diva's all finished, well just got to sew on their hankies.

Pompii has sneaked into this group picture.

This is Diva 3, not got names for them yet. A lovely 1950's flowered curtain for her dress and spotty legs.

Such big blue eyes and lush pink lips. 

Diva No 1 A little more demure another 1950's curtain scrap for the dress.

My lovely friend Julie gave me a bag of fabric and most of the hair and legs came from that bag.

Diva no 2 onto the 1960's for this dairy and stripe curtain fabric. She's a bit of a square girl especially in the leg department.

Amazing how you can make a lovely flower hair decoration from the dress fabric. A white damask napkin has been used for the face and arms.

Next it's onto surprise dolls for ???

I seem to get on better with machine embroidered faces, rather than sewing by hand. All their legs and arms are sewn and stuffed. Tomorrow I'll sew up the bodies, stuff and then sew on the legs. Also got to make clothes for them as well. Then hair and find some trinkets to finish them off.

No more posts of these until after Christmas.

Happy Christmas to my band of followers and friends.

x Joan


  1. So sorry you have been feeling down Joan, and hope stitching has helped a is always therapy for me.
    Praying for you to have joy and peace, and God's richest blessings.
    Ellen x

    1. Hi Ellen prayer is always welcome. Family stuff and doing too much. Peace be with you this season x J

  2. Hi Joan I think your dolls are a winner. They are so original and vintage looking.
    You have captured their faces well, all cleverly done i expect on your machine. I think you should market them wholesale i'm sure they could be another great selling doll like the Cabbage Doll. Just think you could be a millionaire this time next year.......xx

    1. Hi Lindy Loo Will you be my marketing manager? Love that you love them. x J

    2. Absolutely, they are the bee's knee's.. Love them to bits.
      Just got to market them in the right places.. Thinking hats on.. xxx

      Merry Christmas Joan.. xxxx

  3. Joan they are Beautiful - just been given the link to Jill Colinan and her dolls Amazing x Happy Xmas - at the Hub between 11am -3pm will collect any sales for you x

  4. Joan these are gorgeous dolls.I have two adult children that suffer with Depression so I can feel your pain xx
    So glad you made the dolls and tried to carry on ,your amazing

    1. Hi Jen thanks your kind words are very welcome. x Joan

  5. Dolls are so lovely. I hope you feel better soon. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year. x x


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