Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy New Year - from Me & the Dolls

Well its the last day of 2012 - how quickly the year has flown. Happy New Year to followers, friends and those that drop in from time to time. I wish you all the best for next year.

Love this Black & White picture as this is how the dolls would have looked in a real vintage picture!

A final update on those dolls of mine - The Retro Divas are in their new homes and the last three Happy Scrappy Dolls - which I called Gods Little Helpers, as they were for members of the prayer and craft group from my church.

Gods Little Helpers were made from damask linen napkins - bodies and heads.

Small cotton and lace doilies for the blouses, with extra lace added to the sleeves and collars.

All had skirts from a really super drawn thread tablecloth, many washes had caused some threads to give but it was still great for the skirts.

Each had a little bit of jewelry added. 

Look at all that hair can you guess what it is? No not wool :-)

No 9 had little hearts for her cheeks.

She's hiding behind the fringe - nice pink flower necklace.

Shiny damask table cloth, absolute horror to sew and cut. Slid all over the place and frayed, frayed and then some more. Worst is there is loads more - which I may avoid using.

This year I am planning to do some more teaching - its more like inspiring. My classes are pretty loose in structure. Never you must do this or that. More like here's my take on this, this is what I used - now you go do your thing. Usually there is a big scrabble to grab a heap of materials I have brought from my extensive hoard. 

First class will be at Slack Space Colchester on Decoupage - Best News its totally FREE.

I've nearly finished the first two pieces, not quite dry yet so pictures delayed until Tomorrow. Reason, my friend Jean has had a bad time with a sick dog so I've spent a long time helping her - vets tomorrow - prayers would be appreciated as dear doggie Honey is not at all well, nor is Jean. I hope tomorrow is not a really horrible day.

Oh dear and at the start of the New Year as well. 


  1. Will be praying Joan, for both
    ps.There is still one day left of the old year...Monday
    Ellen x


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